Our composite doors are genuinely a cut above the rest. Composite doors were specifically designed to address the issues that exist with natural wood and uPVC doors. They offer a near-perfect balance between quality and cost and therefore, in our opinion, they are the best solution for most applications. They are thermally efficient, extremely secure and come in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary styles. Specifically, our composite doors offer the following:


  • 4mm GRP skin (standard is 2mm)
  • 5 Hook locking system (standard is 2)
  • Triple seal frame (standard is dual)
  • 10 year hardware guarantee (standard is 1)


Although uPVC doors are becoming fewer and fewer, they do offer a viable option for a front door when working within a budget. They are inferior to most of the newer door types with regards to thermal insulation and security but they balance this out by being one of the most affordable options and an improvement on older doors. If you are looking for something functional but not extravagant then a uPVC is quite possibly your best choice. Some advantages:


  • Very affordable
  • Vast amount of options
  • Higher security than older doors
  • Thermally better than older doors


Aluminium doors offer fantastic contemporary styling suitable for modern homes and really grand entrances. They offer many benefits which just can’t be matched by other door options but these do come at the very top end in terms of pricing. Aluminium doors start at £1,900 but expect to pay considerably more in most situations. The advantages:


  • High thermal insulation
  • Extremely high security
  • High acoustic insulation
  • Matching Garage Doors