Bi-folding doors are becoming more and more popular every year. They are a wonderful way to bring the garden into your home – or just to allow for the most light possible. When opened up they offer more space than any other type of door can allow, which can also be useful when moving large items in or out of the house! Advantages:


  • Wide field of view
  • Low profile frames
  • Great for access


Sliding patio doors are a fantastic option when dealing with a very large width of opening. They do however suffer slightly in terms of the total useable opening as one door will always be a fixed-pane. They are a more financially-viable option when dealing with an opening over 1.8m in width than other doors (such as bi-fold or french doors with side panels). Advantages:


  • Cost-effective solution
  • Great for very wide openings
  • Very secure


French Doors are double doors which mainly open outwards (or inwards if needed). When the doors are open you have full access to the width of the opening into which they are installed. As well as being great for enjoying the garden, this can also be very useful for access. Their suitability is slightly constrained by a maximum opening though as the doors are prone to issues with dropping and needing adjusting if guidelines are ignored. Advantages:


  • Maximum usage of opening
  • Also can be used like a back door
  • Works with traditional and modern homes